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Spiral Anksys® - injected anchoring

The pressure to reduce the energy performance of buildings and to protect the environment increases demands on the design of external thermal insulation systems (ETICS), which will also be reflected in the anchor system requirements, and these will have to perform other functions than so far.


Spiral Anksys® injected anchor from ECORAW® with the capability of horizontal and vertical load transmittance for new and existing thermal insulation systems offers highly professional solutions for design and installation.


Spiral Anksys® is a modern technology for thermal insulation material fixation that has been developed as a self-supporting construction that can transmittance the load of the insulation layer in the event of local or major loss cohesion of the thermal insulation system the building substrate.




Our references

  • Hotel Dolphin Senec | 3.000 m2

  • Kampus Ústí nad Labem | 11.000 m2

  • TeleHouse Praha | 7.000 m2

  • Hotel Rhea Praha | 12.000 m2

  • Centrum GITY Brno | 4.000 m2

Thermal inulation systems with injected anchors