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Spiral Anksys® SA/SM70
with additional screw module

Spiral Anksys® SA/SM70 Anchor is designed to anchor heat-insulating mineral wool sheets with longitudinal fiber orientation (MW with a minimum tensile strength perpendicular to the 10 kPa plane) to a concrete substrate, solid brick, perforated bricks, porous concrete and wood in thermal insulating systems. The anchor is also intended for additional anchoring as part of refurbishment and repairs of existing thermal insulation systems and for duplication of insulation strata.


Spiral Anksys® SA/SM70 is certificated for the transmittance of horizontal and vertical loads from the thermal insulation system to the underground construction according to ETA 18/0965.


The 14 mm Spiral Anksys anchor body is made of 0.63 mm galvanized steel wire made of steel 11300. The anchor body is finished with an integrated plastic rim made of ABS. An integral part of the anchor is a 70 mm diameter SM70 stud which is made of polyamide PA6. Spiral Anksys® SA/SM70 anchorage is performed exclusively with SAF3 fire extinguishing filling materials.