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Injected anchors Spiral Anksys®

Constantly developing the product, we have achieved a simple, patent-protected technique when the Spiral Anksys® anchor is filled with the Spiral Anksys® Foam (SAF). This process changes the approach to an anchoring point as such, combining the mechanical fixing and bonding insulator in one operation, all without the formation of thermal bridges or condensation zones.


The Spiral Anksys® anchor system is characterized by easy application, efficiency, long service life and, above all, high safety regardless of type of substrate or insulation material.


Spiral Anksys® technology is delivered with the European Technical Assessment ETA and certified according to European Assessment Document (EAD) 331433-00-0601. Thanks to this complexity, Spiral Anksys® technology becomes a new standard and an integral part of certified system solutions of major manufacturers of thermal insulation systems.


Complex security for thermal insulation systems


With increasing demands on thermal insulation systems (thickness, insulation weight, weather and climatic conditions), demands for fixing performance are increasing. The new generation anchors must be able to offer complex security under the most severe conditions.

Anchoring systems can no longer be considered to thermal insulation systems.




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