Spiral Anksys

Injected anchors | Advantages of injected anchoring systems

Advantages of injected anchoring systems


Spiral Anksys® anchors are designed for all A / B / C / D / E substrate categories according to EAD and insulation types. Effective fixing even to incoherent substrates (less 80 kPa) and substrates with high unevenness up to 20 mm / 1 m.


The injected anchor creates a monolithic connection of the thermal insulation system, thus acting against the wind, heat and gravity load, with a maximum displacement of insulation layer up to 1 mm.


Professional and highly efficient mounting even under the most difficult conditions. No screwdriving or hammering. Countersunk installation in one operation - no plugs are necessary.


Injected mounting procedure with 100% efficiency regardless of drilling or bonding properties. Resistance to dynamic wind loads up to 6 kPa (3 times higher than EU standards).

The Spiral Anksys® anchors are the only one anchors certified for shear load in ETICS. Our declaration allows the structural analysis of shear and tensile loads of ETICS with tiles or constructions.


Since the whole anchor point is insulated we can declare the zero point heat transmittance (0.000 W / K) for all types of insulation materials. This way we create a high performance fixation without heat loss and condensation.


The anchors allow for new facade insulation, repairs and doubling of old ETICS with a minimum number of anchors. Up to 90% of objects within the European Union can be anchored in the range of 6 to 8 injected anchors per m2. The lower number of anchors reduces labor, does not reduce the structural integrity, eliminates heat loss.


The complex certification for the widest possible range of applications provides architects and engineers with a unique guarantee of reliability. The declared performance of injected anchors is much higher than requirements of standards for ETICS.